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World Peace Meditation

World Peace Guided Meditation

You have several different options when doing this World Peace audio meditation. You can read through the script below. You can listen and watch the peace video which has the free audio meditation. You can also play the world peace video and just listen to the audio meditation portion while you read through the guided meditation script. The choice is yours!

Give peace a chance and help make every day World Peace Day by rewatching this video often.

Designed for use by those in the Wealthvibes group, it can nevertheless be used by anyone to help bring not only peace on earth, but inner peace, and peace of mind as well. And, if you have any family or friends in need of some peace and love, you can send that energy of peace to them in this video.

Spread the love by sharing this World Peace Meditation video with others.

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Free Guided World Peace Meditation Visualization Script

Visualize world peace. Feel the energy of peace flow through the planet and everyone on it.  Project this calming soothing peaceful energy into the hearts and minds of everyone on the planet.  Feel the population of the planet relaxing into a smooth calm state.  Feel yourself relaxing into a smooth calm state.  You are relaxed.  You are calm. You are at peace. See all those on planet earth ease into a smooth relaxed state.

Feel the energy of peace flow through every cell of your body. You are calm, cool and collected. You radiate a peaceful presence.  You are at total peace and oneness. You are calm and content. You continually project this aura of peace wherever you go. You find that others are attracted to your calm, serene, peaceful presence.  They want to be around you. They like to be around you. Not only that but that actually become more at peace while in your presence.

You are soothing beacon of calm wisdom wherever you go. You shine with a powerful aura of peace that all are attracted to you.  Now, project that powerful energy of peace to your family and friends. Know that peace is flowing into their lives now.  Feel the powerful white light of peace energy flowing into your family and friends now. Their lives are becoming more and more peaceful.  Your life is becoming more and more peaceful. They are at peace.  You are at peace.

Now send that powerful energy of peace to your fellow Wealth Vibers. Feel the energy of peace flow through you to them. Know that their lives are becoming more and more peaceful right now. The warm soothing healing energy of peace flows through you to them right now.  You are at peace. They are at peace. Picture a soothing blanket of peace envelope all of your fellow Wealth Vibers. Know that their lives are becoming saturated with the calming energy of peace. Visualize them glowing with the soothing energy of peace now.  Visualize yourself glowing with that same soothing energy of peace.

Now, begin to send that powerful energy of peace to everyone and everything on the planet. Feel it flow through planet earth now. Know that this powerful peace energy is affecting everyone on the planet for the good.  It is melting hardened hearts and soothing scattered souls.  All on the planet are infused with this powerful peaceful energy now.  Feel this powerful energy of peace flow through everyone everywhere.  All are positively affected.

Thank you for being a force for good on planet earth. Know that you are helping bring peace to everyone on planet earth. Please share this healing meditation with others and encourage them to send those same ripples of peace to their family, friends, and all on planet earth.

thank you and may the winds of peace be with you!

In closing, feel these thoughts...

May an abundance flow through you on a magnificent scale. May your life be filled with peace, love and prosperity. May you be blessed with good health and loving relationships. Good things are increasingly coming to you and you deserve them!

Thank you for sending your energy to help others. May it return to you magnified a hundred fold. Have a fantastic week and may the winds of fortune be with you.

Will the Wealth Vibes process work?

Believe It!

Thanks again for adding your energy to the group. It wouldn't be the same without you! :)

May the energy of peace, wealth, success and love continue to flow in your life.

May the Winds of Fortune be With You!

Bob K

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