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What is the Evidence that Distant Healing, Energy Sending, etc. actually work?

With each passing day more and more scientific evidence and case studies point to the increasing likeliness that the energy we send to others has the ability to influence them.

Experiments Indicate the Power of Mental Influence at a Distance

    For over two decades, Dr. William Braud has conducted more than 30 experiments, involving over 650 testing sessions, examining the "direct mental influence of living systems." Braud has demonstrated that it is possible for one person's mental processes to telepathically affect those of another person, both directly and from a distance. All of these experiments in mental-influence-at-a-distance were successful, and most important, they were repeatable. *

    ...what happens when groups of people, ranging from dozens to billions, focus their minds on the same thing. We'll see that some aspects of the mind-matter interaction effects seem to "scale up" to influence the world at large...."field-consciousness" effects...suggest that groups of people, ranging from a dozen in a small workshop to billions watching a live television broadcast, may affect the physical world in unexpected ways. The experiments also imply...that there is a fundamental interconnectedness among all things, including individual and "mass minds." *

    ...several pioneering experiments that explore the role that one person's consciousness may have on another person's health...demonstrate that focused mental attention can influence both the physical and mental processes of another person.*

    In 1965, Douglas Dean, at the Newark College of Engineering, showed conclusively that the autonomic nervous systems of subjects in his laboratory responded to the thoughts of a distant person. *

    Larissa Vilenskaya and Dr. Edwin May report that the Russians continue to emphasize distant mental effects on living systems in their research...their research shows that a distant mental influencer can have great effect on people and other living systems. *

    ...daily fluctuations in casino and lottery payouts are not due to pure chance. Some fraction of the payout rates appears to be related to daily fluctuations in the average psi ability of millions of gamblers.*

    * Referenced from the Miracles of Mind by Targ and Katra. (pp. 107, 209, 157, 198, 208, 206 and 188)

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