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Today's Group Meditation - Let's Help Each Other Manifest Miracles

This group meditation will change depending on the day. It allows all of us who visit this page Today to focus and concentrate on today's group visualization or meditation and send that energy to each other. Studies have been done on the power of the group to influence each other and society at large when focusing our energy together on a particular topic. Anytime you visit this page you'll know that others are focusing on the particular topic and sending you this same energy as you are sending them.

The power of the group is formidable, especially in regards to meditation or visualization. For instance, the experiments with using groups of transcendental meditation practitioners to lower crime indicated that there was a 72% drop in international terrorism when the group meditated on that topic according to study sources. For more evidence of the power of the group visit our scientific evidence of group meditation power page.

The more people that focus their energy and participate in group meditations or visualizations the greater the scaled effect. The more people that we can get to visit this page on a daily basis the more power we can focus and concentrate on helping others and ourselves. So thank you for visiting today and adding your own powerful energy to todays group visualization. May the powerful positive spiritual energy you send to others return to you a thousand fold!

Please bookmark this group meditation page and visit daily if you can.

Today's group meditation focuses on sending positive spiritual energy to each other to manifest miracles into our lives. The first thing you want to do is to put yourself into the miracle mindset. Know that you have the ability to create miracles in your life and that miracles have already happened in the lives of millions of others. Whether you need a financial miracle, a health miracle, a relationship miracle, a job or career miracle, it doesn't matter. Just understand that miracles have happened in the lives of countless others so why not you?

First, do everything in your own power to better your situation in order to hasten any miraculous occurence. At the same time, pray to the powers that be or ask the universe to send you a miracle.

If you need some help in getting into that miracle mindset I've included our Miracle Mind video below originally posted on our mind power site.

Regardless if you need or want a miracle in your own life, please concentrate now on sending the energy of miracles to your fellow Wealthvibers and Vitalwavers. In your mind's eye visualize all in our group being blessed by the Universe with miraculous miracle working energy. See a pure white light of miracle energy flowing into all those in our group. Know and trust that the Universe will know who to send the energy to and when to send it. Visualize this miracle energy cleansing and flowing into all members of our group including you!

Thank you for taking the time to send miracle energy to your fellow wealthvibers and allowing it to flow into your life as well!


miracle mind method

thought elevators

Thank You and May the Winds of Fortune be with you,

Bob K

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