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The Best Ways to Improve Your Psychic Power

There are ways that you can improve your mind power or psychic power. Sharpening your spiritual power or mind power abilities can help you in a number of different ways. It can increase your intuitive abilities to help you make better choices in life. It can help you remain calm and focused and relaxed in the face of any situation. You can use these powers to attract more of what you want in life, be it love, money, more business, etc. It can also help you in relationships with not only being able to better read the other person but even to the point of being able to exert some influence over them (this power should be used for the benefit of both parties).

The Best Ways to Develop Your Psychic Power and Why You Should Never Attempt Two of Them!

Below you'll find 7 ways that can help you develop your psychic or mind power starting right now.

  • 1. Take psychic classes or enroll in a good psychic development course. Ewen Chia's Super Mind Power Program is a well-respected and very reasonably priced mind power development program. You can also see if there is a noted psychic in your local area with a good reputation who would be willing to mentor or train you.
  • 2. Join or start a psychic circle. Activities can include group sharing in developing psychic powers, engaging in guided meditations, creating your own guided meditations, participating in visualization exercises to stimulate your mind powers and listening together to psychic development, self-improvement or mind power improvement audios.
  • 3. Do mind power affirmations and psychic development affirmations that can help you expand your outlook as to what is possible as well as to actually expand your mental and psychic abilities. A key component when doing or creating these affirmations is to really believe that what you are affirming is possible. If you haven't tried the extended 2 and half minute mind power affirmations video do it everyday for several weeks.
  • 4. You can use different spiritual tools and devices to enhance your mind power and get more in tune with your spiritual side. For instance, you could use guided meditation audios, charged crystals, singing bowls, tibetan bells, sage smudging sticks, binaural beats, sensory deprivation or isolation tanks, remote viewing practice, zener cards for psychic testing, and spiritual video games like WildDivine. All of these things can help put you into a different mind space.
  • 5. Record your dreams and create a journal. I did this and after awhile you'll find that you will begin lucid dreaming where you can start to program your dreams to help you accomplish more in your waking state. Another interesting side effect is that you'll start taking more of that spiritual non-physical state or awareness with you into the waking state. If you haven't already done so, click the following link to pick up your free Dream Programming ebook.
  • 6. Get hit by lightning or Die. Neither of these methods is recommended. There are many reports from those that have been struck by lightning or who have been declared clinically dead and then returned of enhanced psychic powers. In the case of dying if the resultant powers are actually the result of leaving and then returning to the body then attempts at conscious astral projection may enhance ones psychic abilities.
  • 7. Meditate. Maybe the best way to increase your psychic or mind power is to meditate. Not only will it help increase your mind power but meditation can enhance many areas of your life. If you are not sure how to meditate or want some more pointers, click the link to go to the download page and download your free meditation ebook.
    how to meditate ebook

Click the following link to see a great online meditation secrets course.

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