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The Secret of a Multi-Millionaire
by Bob Kish

I've been listening to an audio by Steve Scott who made millions in the 90's with infomercials.  He said there was one thing more than anything else that was responsible for his making millions. 

What is this multi-millionaire's secret to getting rich?

He stated that it was this single secret that literally propelled him from average to millionaire.  He noted that a single infomercial generated over $20 million in just several weeks.  What was this magic ability that was responsible for changing his life and the lives of those who know how to use it? 

The secret that Steve Scott shared that was responsible for generating all that money was the power of persuasion. 

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It is easy to see what honing your powers of persuasion can do in your own life.  You can barter for better pay if you are an employee.  You can make more sales of your product if you're a salesman or a business man.  You can woo the soul mate of your dreams.  And, the better you get at employing your powers of influence and persuasion the more confidence you'll develop.  As your confidence increases so too will your powers of influence.  That is because you'll have confidence and believe that what you're saying, thinking, and projecting will without a doubt influence others into following your lead.  Quite simply, the better your powers of persuasion and influence over others, the more success you'll enjoy in life.

The question, then, is just how good are your powers of persuasion?  What can you do to improve them?

Steve Scott stated that there were several things you needed to do when you were persuading others.  Three important foundation basics for persuasion included the following: 

1.  Treat the other person with honor and respect
2.  Gain an understanding of their frame of reference
3.  Create emotional visuals that the other person empathize with.

These persuasion techniques might entail some probing questions on your part to ascertain details that would appeal to that particular person.  However, you shouldn't have to dig too deep to paint an emotional visual that they could relate to. 

One of the my favorite books on persuasion is the well-known and often cited, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.  Cialdini clearly sets out the critical factors necessary in having and exerting influence over others.

For one, people like to have reasons for doing something.  So, when trying to persuade others to do your bidding, provide them with a reason.  Strangely enough, the reason doesn't have to be a good one. There is the often cited case of the guy in line at the printer to make copies who asked to cut in front of others with the explanation that he needed to make copies.  Of course, everyone else in line was there to make copies, but he gave a reason and they complied.  I'm not sure where this guy was, but I do believe in some places that might not have gone over so well. Of course, if he had a reason that was a very good one, like he had a serious deadline or something to that effect, that might have been a different story.

According to Cialdini, what can you do to magnify your powers of influence and persuasion?

Cialdini describes a series of what he calls weapons of influence.  Add these weapons of influence to your arsenal and you could become a power persuader, a mind control master.

Just what are these weapons of influence?

These weapons of influence with brief descriptions follow:

1. Reciprocation - Reciprocation is simply doing a favor for someone and having them feel obligated to return the favor.  You notice this in situations where salesman offer free trinkets, often worthless, leaving you feeling obligated to comply with their requests, like buying that 51 inch LCD with HD.

2.  Commitment and Consistency - Here, Cialdini notes that when the prospective customer commits to an intent to purchase the product they are much more likely to proceed with the purchase. For instance, he cites the example of a number of companies who have the customer fill out the purchase agreement rather than the salesperson. He notes that this one measure alone has drastically reduced the amounts of cancellations. 

In a similar vein, customers once committed to a certain action strived to remain consistent in their choice, and were hesitant to change even when presented with further evidence that might have lead them to alter their decision. Likewise, if you can get others to make small commitments they are more likely to want to remain consistent and grant bigger requests.

3.  Social Proof - Here, Cialdini cites a number of interesting cases which point to the fact that we look to those around us (if present at a physical event) or to the statements or actions of others to tell us how to proceed if we are uncertain.  An example, is the hiring of claquers in the early days of opera. These were guys that were basically paid to clap and cheer during the performances. Their cheering roused others and of course created a better overall impression of the quality of the production. 

For those selling a product social proof means gathering and sharing the best testimonials as to its effectiveness.

4.  Liking - We are more apt to listen and follow the suggestions of someone we like. In the context of websites, that is one reason you see so many sites with the Tell a Friend feature. If a site can get someone to refer a friend to the site they are much more likely to check it out than if contacted by a stranger.

In regards to business, Cialdini offers the legendary Tupperware party as an example. Those who attend know that they are doing a favor for the hostess, and might purchase products that they ordinarily wouldn't just because they are dealing with a friend.

Finally, in regards to getting people to like you, you can do several things:  Smile, give them praise, show an interest in them and their interests, be a good listener, and don't criticize others. Another method, take someone to lunch.  Evidently, the act of eating with another is a bonder.

A powerful classic in the area of likeability is Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.  Well worth reading if you haven't done so.

5.  Authority - Cialdini notes that experiments have shown that there is a deep-seated sense of duty to authority within us all.  Folks will often compromise their better judgement and carry out orders that often defy their beliefs and morals.

On the positive side, if you are seen as an authority figure, others will often follow your lead and defer to your judgement.  In the context of websites, for instance, the latest big thing is to become an authority site. Be the leader in your industry, the one that others turn to for information and ultimately to buy from, if you sell products.

6.  Scarcity - This one is obvious.  The scarcer something is the more desirable it is. If you're selling products a favorite tactic is to note that there are limited quantities or that they will only be available for a limited time.

If you need someone to make a decision, give them a deadline. 

Those are all great tactics to use to increase your abilities of persuasion.  They are actual, tangible and often physical things you can do to increase your influence. But, why stop there?

Why not add the spiritual component to your abilities to influence others. 

It is becoming increasingly evident and scientific experiments are validating the fact that your ability to influence others is not solely a function of the physical alone.  Haven't you experienced the sensation of thinking about someone and then seeing them or hearing from them out of the blue. Or how about the situation when you "feel" someone's eyes on you and when you turned around you found someone staring at you.

There are now numerous books detailing scientific experiemtns and case studies that point out the power of our minds to influence not only our lives but the lives of others as well.  There are many cases of distance healing in which folks send energy to heal others at a distance.  There are cases of remote viewing in which viewers, given only longitude and latitude coordinates, are able to accurately describe physical environment at that location.  There are cases of spontaneous healings when subjects change their attitudes and thoughts.

It is becoming increasingly clear that "thoughts are things" and that the energy you project to others can be just as real as the physical actions you take to persuade or influence others. 

With that in mind, why not train your extremely powerful mind to do your bidding.  First, you must affirm that your mind is a powerful tool.  You can do this with our quick Mind Power Affirmation videos.  Repeat the process often until you know that your mind is a powerful instrument and that it can change your life and others for the good. 

Once you know how powerful your mind why not try sending energy to those you wish to influence or persuade.  Obviously, the key is that you want any transaction between two parties to be positive for both.  Send that thought out there. The universe will help make it happen.

Having personality conflicts with someone?  In addition to the actual physical steps you can take, like giving them praise, listening to them, etc., why not use your spiritual mind power as well?  Spend some time sending them waves of love energy. See what happens. You should begin to see a noted softening in their demeanor and your relationship should improve markedly. You can try this and similar energy sending with any relationship or situation that you want to influence. Your mind is a very powerful tool - use it to your advantage.

Of course, if you want to really hone your abilities of influence, train to become a hypnotist.  Just remember, once you have the power, use it in an ethical manner.

Speaking of mind power, I've really gotten into watching the new Mind Control series on the Sci-Fi channel here in the U.S. It features Derren Brown exerting his mind control powers via a ombination of persuasion, suggestion, misdirection, hypnosis, nlp, and probably some science and magic thrown into the mix. The guy is a real master, and some of the mind tricks he does are simply amazing.

Many of his tricks involve him talking in a hypnotic manner to his subjects. He exudes an aura of supreme confidence while delivering his spiel and it is fascinating to watch as he slips in  suggestions to those he is with, resulting in amazing things happening. His mastery of quick hypnotism is plainly evident, but he also does a good job of planting ideas and other suggestions into the minds of his subjects prior to any seeming mental control having taken place. 

Some of the things Derren Brown does seem to defy explanation, however.  Are his seeming powers an other worldly ability, or are they a mind power ability that most of us haven't tapped yet?  Or could the tricks simply be well-orchestrated parlor tricks with some hypnotism thrown in?

I don't know for sure, but what is for sure is that he seems to know how to direct others without them being aware that it is being done.  Not only that but some of the tricks that he performs are mind blowing.  Even when he explains how he accomplishes some of them, there is always something inexplicable in the mix that seems to send the brain into overload. 

I would encourage you to watch as much of his stuff as you can, not only for the entertainment value (of which there is plenty), but for the powers of influence he displays. Hopefully, it will teach you some techniques as well as motivate you to amp up the power of your own mind!

To see Derren Brown, you can go to the Sci-Fi channel and see some clips of him in action or watch the Mind Control show on Sci-Fi.  Even better, though, I found a free site that will let you watch all the old Tricks of the Mind episodes that he did in England. Several years worth of very entertaining and enlightening episodes.  Enjoy!

Here is the link to the Derren Brown Tricks of the Mind episodes from the U.K.:

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