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Peace Flow Meditation with Binaural Beats

This is a Peace Flow Meditation video to help you send positive loving energy to your fellow Wealthvibers and Vitalwavers in a focused manner. Even better it contains binaural beats for brainwave entrainment which should help your mind automatically relax and reach a meditative state. To fully avail yourself of the power of binaural beats you should use headphones when listening to this meditation because the brain will be able to better decipher the different frequencies that enter each ear.

What are binaural beats?

They are basically two tones at a slightly different frequencies, one to each ear when using stereo headphones that produce a beating tone as if the tones mixed naturally. Depending on the frequencies, the listener may enter 4 different states; alpha, beta, delta, and theta. Each state corresponds to a different level of consciousness. The beats are said to be able to produce brainwave entrainment leading to all sorts of benefits from reduction of pain and anxiety, to more focus, to increased learning ability, the reduction of the need for sleep, to heightened awareness, and beyond.

Enjoy this peace flow video and remember as you are sending the energy of peace to all of our fellow members, they will be sending waves of it to you!

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thought elevators

Thank You and May the Winds of Fortune be with you,

Bob K

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