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A Proven System to Make Money Online

Here's a proven system to make money online from Joel Peterson, a smart fellow from Utah. What he does is set up little websites that make him on average between $1-$3 a day. Nothing special right? Well, he has a system in place in which he is able to crank out one of his simple little sites in about 30 minutes. Okay, there seems to be some potential there.

Now, not every site he creates earns him even that seemingly little amount. But, if they are not doing that amount within a year he simply lets the domain name he bought (for about $10 bucks) lapse and he moves on to the next site. How many sites has he created so far that are making money for him? I think last count it was at over 800 or so... Now say each site was bringing in $2 bucks, that's $1600 a day. Could you live on $1,600 a day? I know, I know, it might be tough, but I'm thinking it could be just enough to allow you some extra time off from your real job should you choose to do so. :)

Joel calls his System the Mini Site Formula and I invested in it several weeks ago. He has put together a great collection of video tutorials explaining his system in depth and reveals how easy it is for anyone to start duplicating the success he is enjoying. This is a great opportunity to start acquiring "internet real estate." You are undoubtedly aware of how many fortunes were created in land and houses. Well, the internet boom is just getting going and that same opportunity exists in acquiring and creating websites, aka internet real estate.

Why not position yourself to start taking advantage of all those people getting online by carving out your own little niche of money making websites. This is a great way to start creating multiple streams of income for yourself.

Think about this, say you create just one website that makes you just $3 a day. That translates to about $90 a month and $1,080 a year. I know, doesn't really seem like that much. But, look at it another way. With current interest rates paying less than 2% how much money would you have to have in the bank to equal the earnings you're getting from just that one little website? Well, if you had $50,000 in the bank earning you 2%(and good luck if you can get that rate right now) you would be making $1000 a year. So, in essence your one little website making just $3 a day has the earning power of $50,000 in the bank. And that is just one little site - imagine if you had 2 or 10 or 100 or more!

Now, like anything else in life, if you want to be successful you have to actually take the actions necessary to generate that income. The first step therefore would be to make the investment in the Mini Site Formula and then go through the tutorials and read the supplemental pdfs that go along with it. The nice thing is the steps you need to take are all laid out for you in a, b, c fashion. But, You have to do them.

Another thing I like is that the Mini Site Formula teaches you how to eventually set up your system with outsourcing so that you will personally have to do very little actual work yourself once the money starts rolling in.

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Click the link to see how you can build internet wealth with the Mini Site Formula

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