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Motivational Videos

I've just added a variety of new motivational videos that I've either created or come across. Now, I'll create the majority of videos you see here at Wealthvibes, but when I come across something else that I think you'll enjoy I'll feature those as well.

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Videos and Articles Recently Featured in our Wealthvibes Bulletin

The above videos were almost entirely Wealthvibes creations and many were featured recently in the Wealthvibes Bulletin. Other recent ones that you may not find here might be found at the Wealthvibes blog. Below are some videos I've found that I think will get you pumped with motivation.

Get motivated and stay motivated to live the life of your dreams with our ever growing line of motivational videos!

We've created a powerful selection of inspirational and motivational videos including an assortment of our own fast affirmation videos among them the semi-subliminal 1 Minute Affirmation videos and their longer corresponding 2 and half minute counterparts the extended version affirmation videos.

The Affirmations and motivational quotes in the one minute versions fly by at 1 second each in the 1 Minute Videos, hence the semi-subliminal tag. However, the more you watch them the easier it gets to pick up each affirmation - and they do definitely register in your subconscious mind even if you don't consciously pick up every affirmation.

The extended version are ideal to let the words of power sink in on the conscious level and yet are still fast enough that you can get a number of powerful affirmations in quickly.

And now of course, we have the entire line of affirmation videos available in our 40 Days Programmed for Power Challenge that you can take at any time as well.

All of these inspirational videos are filled with self help motivation tips and quotes and will help you develop a motivated mind and get motivated and stay motivated!

Please Bookmark this Page

Like most visualizations the best way to increase their effectiveness is to watch them over and over again. To that end please bookmark this page as a favorite and return to it again and again:

Please bookmark this Motivational Videos page right now - you'll be helping to program yourself for power!

Program Yourself for Power with a Variety of Free Affirmation Videos

This quick video gives a brief introduction into some of the different affirmation videos we have available and how they can help you!

Many affirmation experts recommend a plan of spending 30-40 days on a specific set of affirmations in order to firmly implant them in your mind.

The nice thing about these sets of affirmation videos is that they are very quick and automatic allowing you to program yourself for power in a variety of areas and still only spend a minimum amount of time doing so. You could absorb the power of 4-5 videos a day and still spend less than 10 minutes a day!

I would encourage you to pick several of your favorites or areas you need to work on, and set up a plan of watching these affirmation videos every day on a regular basis or just sign up for the free 40 day daily positive affirmations challenge to get you started and in the habit.

Enjoy your path to power!

Affirmation Videos

Thank You and May the Winds of Fortune be with you,

Bob Kish


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