Money Manifestation Meditation

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Money Manifestation Meditation - Go for the Gold

Greetings and salutations friends. Thank you for sharing your energy with the group. May it return to you a hundred fold.

You have several different options when doing this "pot of gold" money manifesting audio meditation. You can read through the script below. You can listen and watch the video which has the free audio meditation. You can also play the video and just listen to the audio meditation portion while you read through the guided meditation money manifestation pot of gold script. The choice is yours!


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It's great to have you contributing your energy to this mental pot of gold - a pot of god that gets bigger and bigger as we all contribute to it. This pot of gold thoughtform should attract more and more wealth, health and happiness to all of the members of this group.

You may find that some of the affirmations in the various Wealth Vibes Visualizations are repeated. Go with the flow - repetition is a great device for saturating your mind and heart with the thoughts you express. In that vein feel free to repeat the visualizations as often as you wish.

Speaking of which, let's start sending those golden waves of prosperity to all of our fellow Wealth Vibers right now. Let the universe know you are a wealth viber. Now visualize all of your other wealth vibers across the globe. Send them all a mental burst of love energy. Beam the white light of love energy to all of your fellow Vibers now.

Now, in your minds eye, picture a giant rainbow with bright colors extending into the earth. At the base of this rainbow is a brilliant giant golden pot. glowing with an aura of wealth. Yes, that's right picture a bright shining Pot of Gold at the base of the rainbow. A Golden Pot so big that you are able to freely walk around inside it.

Now picture yourself wandering around inside the Golden Pot absorbing the Powerful Energy of Abundance that radiates from within it. Feel yourself absorbing that golden energy of abundance now. The powerful flow of abundance radiates through and around you. You are being magically transformed into a magnet for wealth, success and abundant love. You now attract more and more gold, money, cash, coins, and all manner of golden opportunities to you. You also radiate a spiritual power that all are attracted to. Feel yourself becoming a magnet of attraction for all manner of power, success, wealth, health, and love. Feel the transformation occurring now.

You are a magnet of wealth. Others want to give to you and you gladly and graciously accept their generosity. In turn, you become more and more generous, sharing your ever-increasing wealth and success with others in your life.

Now direct your attention to your fellow Wealth Vibers. Feel the presence of all of your fellow Wealth Vibers. See them within the Giant Golden Pot as well. Now, mentally picture yourself warmly greeting each of your fellow Vibers wishing them well and sending them the energy of love and abundance now.

Do it now - send powerful thoughtforms of abundance and love to your fellow Wealth Vibers. While visualizing your fellow Vibers in the Golden Pot, repeat these words:

I'm sending the energy of love and abundance to my fellow Vibers.

May their life be filled with abundance and wealth.

May new opportunities of wealth and success come their way.

May their life be filled with peace, love and prosperity.

May they be blessed with good health and loving relationships.

Beam this energy to your fellow Vibers now!

Know that you are helping them.

Know that the sum of the energy of the parts is much much greater than the energy of the whole.

Know that you are a part of this powerful energy.

Realize that as you send your loving energy out that it is not only washing over and helping a number of others but that it is also coming back to you mulitplied in power and washing over you with this magnified energy of health, wealth and love. Believe it.

The laws of the universe seem to indicate that the more we give to and help others the more the universe reciprocates in kind to us. I'm not saying this just to say that we are helping others in order to help ourselves. I'm saying this to plant the seed in your mind that anytime you are helping others it Will come back to you multiplied. Let that germinate and know that everytime you start sending the energy of wealth, abundance, success, healing, joy, etc., that your life will be filled with more of the like.

Let the white light of abunance flow from you to your fellow Vibers and through them and back to you again. Feel the light circle from you to them growing in intensity and power as it does. Feel abundance flowing into your life and to the lives of all those you are sending this energy to. This light is infusing you with power now. Feel the power. Share the power. Let abundance flow into your life and theirs.

Picture your fellow Vibers with pockets and purses full of cash, bank accounts overflowing and love brimming in their hearts. You are sending them the energy of love and prosperity to help their dreams come true. Every one of them. You are helping them manifest their dreams. As you do so, know that your dreams of wealth and abundance are becoming a reality. Wealth and abundance is flowing from you to them and back again. Feel the power of love flow back and forth. Abundance and love flowing back and forth from you to your fellow Wealth Vibers.

Seizing Golden Opportunities

Send the energy of awareness to your fellow Vibers. Let them and you be aware of golden opportunities that may enter your life. Let your intuition be your guide. Be prepared to profit from the golden opportunities that enter your life. Continue to beam the energy of awareness to your fellow Vibers now. Feel it enter your being and let it flow to them. Feel it flow back and forth. Be aware. Be prepared. Seize the golden opportunites. Let the gold fill your life.

Speaking of gold, Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series stated that keeping gold worked for him as an attractor of wealth. So, if you can afford it go buy a gold coin or two and keep it around. See if you don't attract more wealth.

May an abundance of new opportunities filled with the potential for wealth and success come your way.

Thank you for spending a couple of minutes sending out this energy. May it come back to you multiplied in strength and power.

Know that the sum of the energy of the parts is much much greater than the energy of the whole.

Know that you are a part of this powerful energy.

Realize that as you send your loving energy out that it is not only washing over and helping a number of others but that it is also coming back to you mulitplied in power and washing over you with this magnified energy of health, wealth and love. Believe it.

Thanks again for adding your energy to the group. It wouldn't be the same without you! :)

May the energy of peace, wealth, success and love continue to flow in your life.

May the Winds of Fortune be With You!

Bob Kish

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