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Teamwork - Skydivers II
Teamwork - Skydivers II
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Audio Meditation for Building a Wealth Team

Greetings and welcome my fellow Wealth Vibers. Today's visualization focuses on teamwork. The wealth vibes process is dependent on this key concept. But, it should not be a concept confined to the wealth vibes process alone. It should be one that you use in your daily life.

You have several different options when doing the visualization. You can read through the script below. You can listen and watch the video which has the audio manifestation meditation. You can also play the video and just listen to the audio meditation portion while you read through the guided meditation script. The choice is yours!

If you can, definitely take the time to read through the guided meditation as it is more detailed than the audio meditation on the video.

Teamwork is essential at your jobs, in your business, and in your personal life. It is also one of the cornerstones of many successful individuals in today's society. Many of them have taken this one step further and gotten themselves a personal mentor to help them succeed. A good plan if you can find one. If you can't find one why not check out SCORE. This is an organization of retired business persons who want to help those starting a business. This service is invaluable at any price, but in this case the price is free.

Another cornerstone of many successful individuals is their ability to build a network of friends and associates and access their network when needed. The bigger one's network, in many cases the more successful one can become. Have you done anything recently to increase or build your network? Think of places you can go, people you can meet, or organizations you can contact to increase your circle of friends.

Have you read any of Thomas Stanley's books? He wrote the Millionaire Next Door series, which includes Networking with Millionaires. Networking with Millionaires shows the advantages of giving first and then reaping the rewards later. His focus are those business folks that cater to wealthy clients and how by doing more and providing more than what they were hired to do they are eventually recommended and referred to others and tthen in a number of cases are showered with abundance.

Visualize Yourself Surrounded by an Ever-Growing Wealth Network

Now, we will engage in a visualization to attract a bigger network of friends, mentors, clients, and customers. A network that can bring you more wealth, opportunities, success and happiness.

Picture yourself becoming a magnet for others. They are attracted to you and want to help you succeed in whatever you do. See yourself as a magnet of power and love attracting all to you. People are coming into your life to help. Open yourself up to this source of help. Picture others coming into your life, giving you help of all kinds, showering you with opportunity, contacts, more money, better jobs, more clients increasing your network. See powerful people coming into your life, wanting to help you in all types of situations. Open yourself up to receiving this help, knowing that the more you receive the more you can give.

Now let's help our fellow Wealth Vibers. Picture them becoming a magnet for others. Successful people, people in power, friends, relatives, friends of friends are attracted to them and want to help them succeed in whatever they do. See them as magnets of power and love attracting all to them.

People are coming into your life to help you. They are coming into your fellow Vibers lives to help them. Open yourself up to this source of help. Picture your fellow Vibers opening themselves up to this source of help.

Picture others coming into your life, giving you help of all kinds, showering you with opportunity, contacts, more money, better jobs, more clients increasing your network. See powerful people coming into your life, wanting to help you in all types of situations. Open yourself up to receiving this help, knowing that the more you receive the more you can give.

Picture others coming into the lives of your fellow Vibers, giving them all kinds of help, showering them with opportunity, contacts, more money, better jobs, more clients. Visualize their network increasing. See powerful people coming into their life, wanting to help them in all types of situations. See them opening themselves up to receive this help, knowing that the more they receive the more they can give to others.

Visualize yourself as a part of the powerful and growing Wealth Vibes network. Now visualize each member of the network with their own growing network sending them opportunites, cash, new and better relationships, and more great things. As each member's network grows each member becomes more and more powerful, more and more wealthy. See everyone in the group prospering and growing more abundant. Everyone in the group grows more and more connections and becomes wealthier and wealthier.

Thank you

Thank you for being a part of this group sending energy for the benefit of others. Remember also that everyone else in the group is sending you energy and hopefully benefitting you! Also, remember that the Wealth Vibes group is not solely about wealth or prosperity. Though that is the main focus, it is also designed to help you achieve elevated levels of prosperity throughout all aspects of your life. We want your relationships to prosper, your health to improve, your mental state to be sharp, your emotional state to be healthy and your life in general to improve on all levels.

So, thank you for contributing your energy for the betterment of you and your fellow Wealth Vibers. As time goes on your power to visualize will grow greater and greater. As your power increases so too will the effectiveness and power of your thought beams. You will be able to help more and more people as your power grows. Not only will this enhance and increase the power in the lives of those to whom you mentally send this powerful energy but also in your own life.

But, wait it gets better. Everyone in the group will get better and better at visualizing and sending energy. That means the group as a whole will grow stronger! Add to that the fact that the numbers in the group will grow daily and it is easy to see that the power of the group should grow geometrically and exponentially. The energy of abundance that will be created due to the combined energies of our thoughts should hopefully attract more and more wealth, health and happiness to all of the members of this group.

The laws of the universe dictate that the more we give to and help others the more the universe reciprocates in kind to us. I'm saying this to plant the seed in your mind that anytime you are helping others it Will come back to you multiplied. Let that germinate and know that everytime you start sending the energy of wealth, abundance, success, healing, joy, etc., that your life will be filled with more of the like. Believe it!

Let the energy of love and peace flow through you to your fellow Vibers and back to you. Infuse this light with the energy of abundance. Let abundance flow into their life and yours. May all of your lives be filled with love, peace and abundance. Feel the energy of love, peace and abundance enveloping every fiber of your being now.

Picture your fellow Vibers with pockets and purses full of cash, bank accounts overflowing and love brimming in their hearts. You are sending them the energy of love and prosperity to help their dreams come true. Every one of them. Your dreams of wealth and abundance are manifesting. Wealth and abundance is flowing from you to them and back again. Feel the power of love flow back and forth. Abundance and love flowing back and forth from you to your fellow Wealth Vibers.

Now, send your fellow Vibers the energy of good health. Visualize a powerful healing light washing over them restoring them to the ultimate in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Feel the white light of radiant health flow through you to them and back again. Let the pure white light of healing energy seep into every pore and fibre of your being.

You are now saturated with healing energy and a radiant white light. Feel it. Feel the power of good health and pure love flow through you. Again, send that energy to your fellow Vibers. They are healed. You are healed. They are refreshed. You are refreshed. They are healthy. You are healthy. They flow with power. You flow with power.

Visualize yourself overflowing with abundance and love and sharing it with others. Picture the ripples of love and light and prosperity flowing outward from yourself to your fellow Vibers. Now picture even greater ripples flowing out from everyone in the group. As more and more join Wealth Vibes the ripples of love and abundance will have an even greater impact.

In closing, feel these thoughts...

May an abundance of new opportunities filled with the potential for wealth and success come your way.

May your life be filled with peace, love and prosperity.

May you be blessed with good health and loving relationships.

Good things are increasingly coming to you and you deserve them

Thank you for spending some time sending out this energy. May it come back to you multiplied in strength and power.

Know that the sum of the energy of the parts is much much greater than the energy of the whole.

Know that you are a part of this powerful energy.

Realize that as you send your loving energy out that it is not only washing over and helping a number of others but that it is also coming back to you mulitplied in power and washing over you with this magnified energy of health, wealth and love. Believe it.

Please feel free to tell others about the Wealth Vibes site. The more folks we have sending energy to each other and helping others the more it benefits everyone in the group. Just send them to:

Will the Wealth Vibes process work?

Believe It!

Thanks again for adding your energy to the group. It wouldn't be the same without you! :)

May the energy of peace, wealth, success and love continue to flow in your life.

May the Winds of Fortune be With You!

Bob Kish

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