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Manifest Millions

Want to manifest or attract a million dollars? Try our free Million Dollar Manifestation video. Want to attract millions? Rewatch again and again! :)

You can listen and watch this powerful visualization manifestation million dollar audio video and even follow the words with the Million Dollar meditation script below the video.

This creative visualization harnesses the laws of manifestation. The video nature of Manifesting Millions results in an almost holographic manifestation visualization.

Please help others and yourself by participating in this free manifest a million dollars audio meditation.

Audio Meditation to Manifest a Million Dollars Video

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Million Dollar Manifestation Script

Relax and feel the energy of abundance flow into you. You are relaxed and energized and can feel waves of prosperity entering your life. You are now open to receiving abundance in your life. You are mentally ready to receive whatever amount of wealth that comes to you. With more wealth in your life you can give generously to others to perpetuate the cycle of wealth and abundance.

In your mind's eye see yourself magnetizing a million dollars or more into your life now. See it coming quickly. Be open to receiving this million dollar windfall in your life. Once you receive this extra windfall consider donating 10% of it or helping others with a portion of it.

A key component in any visualization is adding the element of emotion to your visualization. In this case you might try to generate the emotion of happiness or elation that you'll feel when you see the million dollars coming into your life. What you want to do is combine that emotion with the visualization to strengthen it.

So, see this extra million dollars or more flowing into your life now. Be open to receiving it in whatever form it comes, be it from pay raises, increased business, unexpected bonuses, gifts, lotteries, etc.. Just know and expect that you are magnetizing this million in your life now. Feel that the universe wants you to have this extra money knowing that as you receive more money in your life you can be a source of help for others.

Become a part of the cycle of wealth - getting more money and giving more money. As you become richer those you bless by giving will become richer as well. Feel yourself entering this wealth cycle now. Know that your family and friends will be blessed as you give generously yet thoughtfully.

You are now open to receiving an extra million dollars or more into your life. Repeat to yourself, I am magnetizing this extra million dollars into my life now. I am open to receiving this money now. I will graciously accept any extra money that comes into my life.

Now, let's send out the energy to help all those who are reading or have read this visualization. Also send this energy to those who joined the Wealth Vibes group. Send them the energy to magnetize an extra million dollars into their lives now. Picture this extra money flowing into the lives of those individuals now. Each and every one of them receiving a large windfall in some way, shape or form. A million dollars is flowing into your life, see it happening. A million dollars is flowing into the lives of all those Wealth Vibers and those who have read this Visualization - see it happening. Feel it happening. Feel it. Believe it.

Don't worry that you don't know exactly who these people are - the universe does. As you send this energy out to others know that the Universe is intelligent enough to find and bless those for whom the message is intended. Believe it and see it in your mind.

Visualize One of Your Family or Friends Receiving millions.

Now, let's make this visualization a little more concrete. Know that you are receiving an extra million dollars in your life. Be confident that it is coming your way. But, let's try to help one of your family or friends to receive an extra million as well.

Think about and picture one of your family or friends who you think could use an extra million dollars. Visualize them receiving that extra million dollars now. See a million or more coming into the life of that person now. Know that this money will be a nice benefit for them. Expect it to happen. One million dollars coming to you. One million dollars coming to them. The universe has an abundant supply of wealth. See a million dollars of it coming your way and their way now.

Know that the powerful flow of abundance radiates from you to your family and friends. Both you and they are being magically transformed into magnets for wealth, success and abundant love. You both now attract more and more gold, money, cash, coins, and all manner of golden opportunities to you. You also radiate a spiritual power that all are attracted to. Feel yourself becoming a magnet of attraction for all manner of power, success, wealth, health, and love. Feel the transformation occurring now.

You are a magnet of wealth. Others want to give to you and you gladly and graciously accept their generosity. In turn, you become more and more generous, sharing your ever-increasing wealth and success with others in your life.

Now direct your attention to your family and friends. Send them the energy of abundance and love. Mentally shower them with the greenery of wealth. Feel their lives becoming richer and more filled with love. Picture your life richer and more filled with love.

The laws of the universe seem to indicate that the more we give to and help others the more the universe reciprocates in kind to us. I'm saying this to plant the seed in your mind that anytime you are helping others it Will come back to you multiplied. Let that germinate and know that everytime you start sending the energy of wealth, abundance, success, healing, joy, etc., that your life will be filled with more of the like. Believe it!

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