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Yoga and Meditation Secrets

Here is an article by Tony D. Agostino, founder and CEO of YogaAwakening

Developing Intuition

What is intuition and how can I develop intuition? These are questions I hear quite often. It seems that most of us have the wrong idea about developing intuition. Most people believe that intuition is some kind of special talent or skill that’s possessed by only a privileged few.

But this assumption is absolutely inaccurate and couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is that developing intuition is a very teachable skill just like any other. In fact, it’s also a very natural skill that each of us is inherently born with. This is the mind of a child, in constant awareness, soaking up information like a sponge absorbs water. This is the bond between a mother and child, so strong, so resilient, beyond mere spoken words, incredibly in sync.

But theres one tiny problem!

As we get older something happens that causes us to lose our ability to develop intuition.

You see, as we get older and accumulate experience and knowledge, the waters of intuition become agitated and murky. It’s not that we lose our ability to develop intuition. We simply lose the ability see the bottom of the lake clearly because the waters are so agitated.

Our conditioning, society, education, cultural beliefs and values all unite to cause us to ignore our basic natural intuitive capabilities. When we get older, we function within the plain of logic, in the world of the five senses. Our consciousness becomes cut off and isolated, void of the creative and vivid mental clarity that comes from developing our sixth sense, from developing intuition.

None of this is your fault. It is simply part of the human condition. What you must understand is that with the right process, you can once again recover your intuitive senses.

A textbook definition of intuition is, understanding without effort. Wow! Think of what this mean to you. Think of the significance of this wonderful word intuition. Effortless learning and comprehension is the ability to interact in the world with total clarity and mental awareness..with all six senses.

The only thing that stands between you and developing intuition is your own minds resistance to change.

You see, the mind gets very comfortable within a state of conformity and repetition thats brought about through the accumulation of knowledge and experience. The mind does not want to change, so the mind resists. The mind can be extremely stubborn. However, once you remove this resistance to developing intuition do you know what happens?

Imagine what is possible!

  • Get gut feelings that are vivid and life-like. Were talking about taking the right courses of action in your life that propel you effortlessly towards all of your business and career goals.
  • Dramatically improve memory and concentration and enhance your learning capacity by freely absorbing a limitless sea of information into your mind.
  • Gain the knowledge to make important life decisions, i.e. career changes, investment strategies, relationship changes, etc.
  • Attain natural stress relief. Experience total relaxation and release all of the tension in your body through deep meditation.
  • Achieve increased confidence, mental clarity and heightened states of awareness.

And this is just the beginning of what you can expect.

It is all possible through yoga and meditation. With The Yoga Awakening Meditation program you will begin to develop intuition, awareness, and insight, improve memory and concentration, enhance creativity, and achieve a deep sense of mental clarity that you never imagined possible. These new skills will make a profound positive change in your life.

yoga and meditation

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Thank You and May the Winds of Fortune be with you,

Bob K

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