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Holiday Meditation

Free Audio Meditation - Holiday Meditation

Greetings and welcome to another free audio meditation from the reality creation site, WealthVibes.com. Along with the hustle and hustle and hustle of the holiday season there IS a powerful aura of love energy that you can tap into and benefit from. Here is a powerful holiday meditation that you can use to help you, those you love and while we're at it - the entire planet.

I've heard it in other places as well but I recall in one of Jonathon Parker's Pathways to Mastership manifestation audios he described a cloudlike aura that hung over North America during the holiday season. Of course, only visible to those with "special" site this aura represented all the good feelings, positive emotions and feelings of love and generosity that were generated during the season.

He noted that this aura would start to dissipate after Dec. 25 and eventually disappear by the New Year. So, let's tap into the powerful source of good and spread the love while it is still available!

You have several different options when doing today's holiday meditation. You can read through the script below the video/audio. You can listen and watch the video which has the free audio guided holiday meditation. You can also play the video and just listen to the audio meditation portion while you read through the holiday meditation script. The choice is yours!

Whatever you do, please take the time to add your own powerful energy to the energy of the group by participating in this free guided meditation creative visualization. Thank you!

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Tap into the Power of the Holiday Aura with the Holiday Meditation

Alright fellow Wealth Vibers, visualize the holiday aura now as a giant billowy cloud of love energy. See yourself adding to this cloud of love energy filling it up and puffing it out even further. Beam the energy of love and positivity into the cloud adding to its power. See this giant cloud of love energy expand to encompass the entire planet. Feel a powerful aura of love hovering in the very air around you.

The cloud is heavy with the energy of love and generosity. Feel that energy flow into you and all those around you. You are now soaking up the energy of love and generosity from this holiday aura now.

Now, picture light-drops of love energy raining down on all those on planet earth. See powerful drops of this love energy energizing, purifying and cleansing everyone and everything on planet earth. Know that these powerful drops of love energy are raining down on you, your fellow Wealth Vibers, your friends and your family. Know that you are cleansed, healed, purified and energized with feelings of love, warmth, happiness, peace and abundance. This powerful love energy courses through you and all those around you.

You glow with the energy of love and light and joy. You spread that aura of light to all you come in contact with.

Now, visualize these powerful drops of love energy entering all those in your neighborhood. See the love energy flooding into the hearts and souls of all those in your city and country. You and they are awash in feelings of love, peace, generosity and abundance. You feel a unity and oneoness with others and begin to always seek common ground with all others. Likewise, you realize that others are increasingly attracted to you and seek to help you in whatever way they can. You are in the flow and the more you project this love energy to others the more you find it returned to you and multiplied.

See the love energy drops continue to rain down on all those on planet earth. Now feel a giant wind blow these white light energy drops over the entire planet, swirling and whirling around and through everyone and everything. You are energized. They are energized. Feel the power of love and abundance flowing through you and everyone on planet earth now.

This love energy will stay with you and them always. Though the cloud may dissipate as the season ends, these feelings of love, peace, positivity and generosity will stay with you and all your friends and family throughout the coming year.

Thank you for adding your own powerful energy to this holiday meditation.

Thank You and May the Winds of Fortune be with You,

Bob K

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