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Healing Relationships Meditation

Conflict Resolution Guided Meditation

You have several different options when doing this Conflict Resolution audio meditation. You can read through the script below. You can listen and watch the relationship healing meditation video which has the free audio meditation. You can also play the conflict management video and just listen to the audio meditation portion while you read through the guided meditation script. The choice is yours!

Alot has been written about conflict management and conflict resolution. There are many techniques for dealing with work conflicts, relationship conflicts, family conflicts and financial conflicts. There is one conflict resolution strategy, however, that is decidely different in nature...

With this spiritual approach to conflict resolution you never even have to openly confront or address the issue with the person involved. There is only one thing you need to do. Experience the power of this special approach in this free guided meditation audio on healing relationships.

Feel free to heal any and all of your relationships by rewatching this video often.

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Free Guided Meditation Visualization for Relationship Healing Script

Everyone from time to time has conflicts with others.  By far your best weapon for dealing with such conflicts is one you may not have thought of.  That is love.  Love softens not only your heart in regards to the pain and suffering you may be feeling concerning the situation but when you start sending that same energy of love to the very soul you have the conflict with, you'll begin to see a change not only in regards to their personality with others, but especially with you.  Because you'll have love in your heart for them, you'll treat them better.  And, because you've sent them love energy not only will they know this on a subconscious level but the love energy itself with begin to transform them!

So, let's start now by picturing someone you think you have a conflict with.  See them in your minds eye. Put yourself in their shoes.  Realize that they may have stresses and situations that you are not aware of.

Picture yourself forgiving them for their role in any conflict you two may have had. Actually see yourself forgiving them.  Now, picture them thanking you and saying they are sorry.  See this clearly in your minds eye. Know that this forgiveness has occurred.  You have forgiven them. They have forgiven you. See yourself giving this person a loving hug now.  You embrace, knowing that all is forgiven on both sides.

Now, picture a powerful white beam of love energy flow into this person now.  See it cleansing, healing and purifying them.  Feel the love flowing from this brilliant white light of love.  See it engulf this person now bringing out the love in them. They are glowing with a brilliant white light of love energy.

Feel yourself now being engulfed with this same white light of love.  Feel it flow through your entire being. Know that it is purifying your heart.  You now feel only love and compassion for others.  You are at peace.  You are joyful.  Your heart is light with love.  Feel yourself flowing with this love energy now.

Turn your attention again to the person, now a companion of light in spiritual energy.  Concentrate on beaming love energy from your heart to their heart now.  Feel the love flow from you to them and back again. You are both loving beings of light and life.  Spend some time sending those waves of love energy to this person now....

Let that energy of love flow from you to them. Everytime you do this visualization your relationship with this person will get better and better, smoother and smoother. They will actually be very easy to get along with and will find you very easy to get along with.  

With this meditation not only will you be helping to smooth out any relationship but you'll be flooding your heart and soul with a powerful loving energy and likewise helping those you beam this energy to as well.  

Thank you and feel free to do this meditation as often as is necessary for any relationship you might have...

In closing, feel these thoughts...

May an abundance flow through you on a magnificent scale. May your life be filled with peace, love and prosperity. May you be blessed with good health and loving relationships. Good things are increasingly coming to you and you deserve them!

Thank you for sending your energy to help others. May it return to you magnified a hundred fold. Have a fantastic week and may the winds of fortune be with you.

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Thanks again for adding your energy to the group. It wouldn't be the same without you! :)

May the energy of peace, wealth, success and love continue to flow in your life.

May the Winds of Fortune be With You!

Bob K

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