Guided Meditation Stress Reduction

Meditation by the Ganges
Meditation by the Ganges
Follmi, Olivier
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Free Guided Meditation

Grab this great free Secret Garden 20 minute guided meditation. I loved it and I believe you will too.

Guided Meditation Stress Reduction

Greetings and welcome my fellow Wealth Vibers. Thank you for being a part of this group sending energy for the benefit of others. Remember also that everyone else in the group is sending you energy and hopefully benefitting you! Also, remember that the Wealth Vibes group is not solely about wealth or prosperity. Though that is the main focus, it is also designed to help you achieve elevated levels of prosperity throughout all aspects of your life. We want your relationships to prosper, your health to improve, your mental state to be sharp, your emotional state to be healthy and your life in general to improve on all levels.

So, thank you for contributing your energy for the betterment of you and your fellow Wealth Vibers. As time goes on your power to visualize will grow greater and greater. As your power increases so too will the effectiveness and power of your thought beams. You will be able to help more and more people as your power grows. Not only will this enhance and increase the power in the lives of those to whom you mentally send this powerful energy but also in your own life.

Please help up and yourself by contributing your own powerful energy to that of the group with this stress reduction guided meditation visualization. This guided meditation visualization can be read or you can watch and listen to the video. To reinforce the sense of relaxation you can also read the relaxation script below while listening to the audio portion of the video.

And, after the visualization please try our relaxation and stress reduction affirmation videos as well as the Better Sleep visualization video. You'll also find some special resources on preventing panic attacks and sleep aids to help you get a better night's sleep.

Relaxation Meditation

Sometimes in order to recognize the opportunities that come our way we need to be in a relaxed calm state. If we are constantly hurrying from one task to the next crossing off the next thing on our to-do list we might miss great opportunities that present themselves. Opportunities to increase our wealth, improve our relationships, help our health, etc...

So right now, slow down. Relax... Take some deep breaths.





Continue to relax.

Feel a relaxing peace come over you. You are filled with a comfortable calm clarity. You have vision. You can recognize and intuitively feel the path you should take and the choices you should make that will benefit you most in this life. Now, we want to transfer that feeling of calm relaxed clarity to our fellow Wealth Vibers. Picture your fellow Wealth Vibers in your mind's eye. Don't worry if you don't know exactly who they are - the universe does - and the energy will reach them.

Let the energy of love, peace and tranquility flow through you to your fellow Vibers. Infuse this light with the power of relaxation. Feel them becoming calm and relaxed. Feel the tensions melt away from you and them. As all stress and tension fades away you gain a clarity of vision. You instinctively know the right choices to make in your life. You pass this calm confidence on to your fellow Vibers. Feel them relaxing and becoming more confident. Feel them gaining clarity and vision in their life.

You intuitively know the right choices to make in your life. Your fellow Wealth Vibers intuitively know the right choices to make. You are open to attracting abundance and wealth. Your fellow Wealth Vibers are open to attracting abundance and wealth.

In your calm relaxed state, picture wealth and abundance flowing to you effortlessly. It comes in various amounts from multiple sources and the supply is infinite. The spigot has been turned on. You now know you are a wealth magnet. You send this same magnetic energy of abundance to your fellow Vibers. You attract wealth. They attract wealth.

You are calm and relaxed and supremely confident. They are calm and relaxed and supremely confident. Send the energy of relaxed super confidence to your fellow Wealth Vibers now. Feel a calm and a peace spreading from you to them and back again. Let abundance flow into their life and yours. May all of your lives be filled with love, peace and abundance. Feel the energy of love, peace and abundance enveloping every fiber of your being now.

Picture your fellow Vibers with pockets and purses full of cash, bank accounts overflowing and love brimming in their hearts. You are sending them the energy of love and prosperity to help their dreams come true. Every one of them. Your dreams of wealth and abundance are manifesting. Wealth and abundance is flowing from you to them and back again. Feel the power of love flow back and forth. Abundance and love flowing back and forth from you to your fellow Wealth Vibers.

Visualize yourself overflowing with abundance and love and sharing it with others. Picture the ripples of love and light and prosperity flowing outward from yourself to your fellow Vibers. Now picture even greater ripples flowing out from everyone in the group. As more and more join Wealth Vibes the ripples of love and abundance will have an even greater impact.

You are calm. You are relaxed. You attract all things positive to you. Feel your powers of attraction growing. You attract all things you want and need in your life. You are a powerful being of magnetic attraction. Send this energy to your fellow Vibers now. Feel that they too are powerful beings of magnetic attraction.

Thank you for spending some time sending out this energy. May it come back to you multiplied in strength and power.

Know that the sum of the energy of the parts is much much greater than the energy of the whole.

Know that you are a part of this powerful energy.

Realize that as you send your loving energy out that it is not only washing over and helping a number of others but that it is also coming back to you mulitplied in power and washing over you with this magnified energy of health, wealth and love. Believe it.


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