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Now You Can Attract Wealth and Abundance by Tapping into the Mind Power of Thousands - Just Join the Free Wealth Vibes Group Today!

Group Wealth Visualizations and Prosperity Affirmations to Attract Abundance in Your Life

Hi friends. Are you attracting abundance right now? How would you like to join a group whose main purpose is to help you overflow with abundance - in all areas of your life? A group where every member will join together to send every other member powerful waves of thought energy. These positive vibrations are designed to lift everyone in the group to a state of prosperity, success, and joy. That is the purpose of the Wealth Vibes group.

But does this energy sending really work? In fact, with each passing day the evidence for energy sending is mounting. The latest scientific experiments seem to indicate that there is more than ample evidence that the power to influence others at a distance is a very real phenomenon, and one well worth tapping into for all manner of benefit. And now when you join the Wealthvibes group you can tap into that power for free!

Please hit the play button below for some quick info about our abundance attracting group.

abundance What kind of energy are you putting out to the world right now? What kind of energy are you getting back?

The law of attraction basically posits that the more powerful positive energy you put out there to yourself and others, the more powerful positive energy you'll attract.

Want to start putting out and attracting tons of positive energy?Just join the free Wealth Vibes group now.

Just fill in your first name and email address and then check your inbox in about 5 minutes time.
Privacy Policy: Your privacy is extremely important. Your information is kept strictly confidential - it will not be given out, rented or sold. Join with us today!

We welcome you to add your own powerful mind to the energy of the ever-growing Wealth Vibes Group. Remember, it is totally free to join and the emails you receive will help you tap into the power of thousands of other. Could they greatly improve your prosperity? Please join today and discover for yourself!

Free Wealth and Success Ebooks for Joining Wealth Vibes!

Inside the Minds of WinnersCharles Burke, the author of Command More Luck, gives you the inside scoop on the mindset of what it takes to be a winner in his powerful ebook Inside the Minds of Winners. It is an indepth look at the mindset of some very very successful individuals and how you can copy that success in your own life.

Right now you get Inside the Minds of Winners for free when you join the Wealth Vibes group.

You'll also receive absolutely free the powerful ebook from one of the stars of the Secret movie, Joe Vitale, The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History.

The Greatest Money Making Secret in History

...and More Secret Unadvertised Bonuses to Build Your Wealth when you become a member for Free of the Wealth Vibes group!

Manifest Money, Love, Success, Great Health - Whatever Your Heart Desires - at Wealthvibes!

Are you interested in learning how to manifest money - or any of your dreams or desires? The Wealth Vibes group is for you.

By participating in prosperity meditations and group wealth visualizations you'll help to create an abundance mentality and a wealth consciousness for yourself and others. You'll have access to our latest creative visualization audio meditations. These free audio meditations and creative visualizations will hone your powers to send and receive the energy of love and abundance.

Want to magnetize more money, prosperity, success, peace and love in your life? Start sending that same energy to others! The wealthvibes site is the perfect forum for you to do so. And, the law of abundance provides that when you help others attain wealth (or anything else for that matter) - whether it be through concrete means or even meditation visualizations focused on attracting abundance - you will magnetize even more prosperity to yourself.

So everytime you engage in a wealth visualization, or any of our other creative visualization meditations, you'll be sending vibrations to others that should return to you magnified and amplified in power.

Not only will you be sending energy for the benefit of others but they will be sending you energy to improve your life as well.

Now, although the name says Wealth Vibes, we want you to attract abundance in all areas of your life - so to that end we have a variety of self-improvement meditations and visualizations designed to enhance your personal development.

In addition to wealth visualizations you'll be able to help others and yourself with creative healing visualizations, inner peace and world peace meditations, law of attraction meditations and affirmations, positive relaxation visualizations, mind power meditations, soul mate manifestation and a number of other creative meditations.

But at wealthvibes we don't stop there. This is a self-improvement site designed to help you attract abundance quickly. To that end we have created a series of free positive affirmation videos that you can watch whenever you need a quick boost. And, by quick we mean just a couple of minutes in some cases and just one minute in others!

And, if you want to get programmed for power in just 1 minute a day, we've put together the free 40 Day Challenge. Check it out below.

Free Positive Affirmations

Supercharge Your Life with Wealth Affirmations, Abundance Affirmations, Healing Affirmations, Law of Attraction Affirmations, Soul Mate Affirmations, Money Affirmations, Self-Esteem Affirmations and much more!

We have recently added dozens of positive affirmation videos designed to get you programmed for power! These powerful fast affirmation videos come in two varieties - 1 Minute Affirmations, and a corresponding extended 2 and half minute version featuring the same affirmations as those featured in the particular 1 minute version.

For 1 Minute Affirmation videos click: Affirmations

For the extended versions of these affirmation videos click: Abundance

Take a minute or two and try one of our powerful affirmation videos from the small sample below:

Those powerful affirmation videos are just a small sample of the dozens available. You can get yourself programmed for power right now by watching any of all of the affirmation videos. If you want to start an affirmation program that can get you programmed for power automatically try our free daily affirmations program, the 40 Day Challenge.

New Free Positive Daily Affirmation Program - the 40 Day Challenge

Put Your Self-Improvement on Autopilot - Start Your Free 40 Day Challenge Today!

The 40 Day Challenge allows you to put your self-improvement on autopilot. You simply sign up for the free challenge and everyday for 40 days you will receive just 1 email leading to the quick 1 minute affirmation for that day. You do the quick affirmation and you're done for the day!

Check out the 40 Day Challenge here: Positive Daily Affirmations sent to you - just 1 a day, just 1 minute a day.

Just a Few of Many Positive Comments on Some of the Videos You'll See


Fastest Results with 1 Minute Series. Nothing like it.

- Nam

Powerful Information in 1 Minute

- Meta. Sciences

Thank you very much for posting this video. I enjoy watching this everyday. It is good to read this whenever I want to take a break. Your wordings encourage me. Once again, thank you for your sharing quality .

- bluesky7070

This video along with the others give me a heck of a good ride. The song makes me feel like arnold schwarzenneger in an action movie. I feel full of POWER!

- thecommonpatriot

this is really good just have it as a favorite and listen to it daily until u are very confident it works great

- princessweddy

Thanks for the video. It was a great reminder of my own worth and confidence

- agapelove490

Thanks for this video, I enjoyed this one as much as I do your others

- EclipseMonkey

ABSOLUTLEY SO LOVE THIS! Going in my favorites and playlist!

- Maefgalaxies

This is lovely, thank you. Hope all your wishes come true.

- NaturaTerra

Great Video!

- TimothyCBurns


Vital Waves Spiritual Energy Sending Site for Specific Requests Recently Launched!

We've recently launched our sister site at VitalWaves.com. There you can leave a specific request to have spiritual energy sent to you for whatever purpose - be it healing, manifesting prosperity, debt help, weight loss, relationship help, or anything at all. We even have a page where you can leave a request to have energy sent to your pets as well! And, if you're in need of a hug, why not request a free virtual hug today?

When you visit Vitalwaves please send energy to those that have left requests - remember the energy you send to others will return to you multiplied and magnified in power as well as help those in need.

Vital Waves

The wealthvibes site is dedicated to helping you attain success in all areas of your life. Please take advantage of all we have to offer, including our growing list of motivational videos, articles, and money-making opportunities. Start expanding your knowledge and power today.

Motivational Videos

We have just added what will prove to be an ever expanding list of powerful motivational videos. These motivational videos include powerful affirmation videos, abundance and wealth videos. They are a testament to the power of positive thinking and are loaded with positive thinking quotes, tips, and exercises!

Meditation Music

Want to infuse some calm and relaxation into your life? Please try our all new soothing relaxing meditation music videos. We have a variety of peaceful relaxing music videos with nature scenes as a backdrop to peaceful soothing meditation music.

All of these various visualizations, videos, articles and tools are designed to help you attract wealth, love, happiness and success in your life, while helping your fellow man at the same time. Use them and prosper.

What Can Joining the Wealth Vibes Group do for you?

    There are documented cases of amazing things accomplished using the power of the mind alone. What might happen once we harness the power of a hundred minds or a thousand minds or tens of thousands of minds all working together for one purpose - to increase the abundance of every member of the group?

    Throughout the ages mystics and seers have touted the manifesting power of thoughts and prayers. It is well known that ones desire to create anything must first start with a thought. It has also been reiterated that those creative powers become magnified as the group involved becomes bigger.

    The magnification is often believed to be exponential. Two people joined in concentration on a specific goal might yield a power of four. Can you imagine then the power of two hundred Wealth Vibes members, or two thousand, or even twenty thousand, all sending you waves of energy infused with thoughts of abundance, prosperity and success?

    It can increase your abilities to creatively visualize your own abundance and the abundance of others.

    You'll be sending loving vibrations of success and prosperity to others. It is becoming accepted that these ripples of thought energy have a way of coming back to the sender - in increased power!

    It just might improve your luck. Who knows what all the intangibles are that go into making one person luckier than another (besides alot of elbow grease and a positive attitude). It seems that your luck could only improve by having hundreds and possibly thousands of others sending you waves of good energy every month. With that much good energy headed your way who knows how lucky you might become?

    One thing is certain - knowledge is power. Increase your knowledge of wealth and prosperity, take action and you will increase your wealth and prosperity. To that end, when you join the group you will be given a set of wealth-building ebooks. You will be able to discover the secrets of millionaires and then use their proven strategies to concretely build your own wealth.

Thank You and May the Winds of Fortune be with you,
Bob Kish

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